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Agricultural Property

Agriculture is using the land to provide crops, raise animals and plants (trees, orchards, etc.). eg. Farms-A Farm is an area of land that is primarily devoted to agricultural uses, producing food, plants, raising livestock. more examples Ranches, Timberland, Orchards.

Residential Property

These properties in the residential category, specifically address multifamily housing and single-family housing in urban, suburban and also rural areas. People are driven to purchase real property through the residential category, in that, many strive for homeownership.

Commercial Property

Commercial property will include property that contains business activity, e.g. office spaces, shopping centers, malls, stores, and entertainment facilities. Also, hotels, motels, and even parking facilities are other types of commercial property.

Industrial Property

Industrial is another type of real property that obtains buildings such as warehouses, power plants, and factories. For many investors, the industrial sector is the least talked about and focused real property to invest in. However, for the investor, investing in industrial real estate should not be overlooked.

Mixed-Use Property

Mixed-use property is a type of real property that has multiple uses for that property. That is, for instance, commercial and residential within the same property.

Special Purpose Property

Special purpose property is a type of real property that are usually publicly held property, e.g. places of religion, schools, libraries, government buildings, cemeteries, and parks.


Residential Property


Commercial Property


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